Reflections: SAGTA Konferenz 2018

At the beginning of the month, in my role as a Goethe Institut Professional Learning Facilitator, I was invited to Adelaide to attend our annual, national meeting and to present at the South Australian German Teachers’ conference.  Since returning from Adelaide I’ve been on a constant cycle of teach-test-mark-sleep-repeat and writing hundreds (yes, literally) of... Continue Reading →


The Germans love their football. Passionately, obsessively and in ways that baffle me as an non-soccer watching Australian. Even if you (like me), aren’t a big fan of the sport, you would still likely be aware of Germany’s status in the world game. Some of my students (who know very little of world geography) can... Continue Reading →

Reflections: Ready, set, assess!

A few weeks back  I attended a Saturday workshop hosted by the AFMLTA as part of their ‘Ready, Set…” program of Australian Curriculum: Languages professional learning. The focus of this session was on assessment. I enjoyed working with fellow languages educators to dive deeper into assessment and the day provided me with a number of... Continue Reading →


Guys, I have a confession. I’m in love. In love with Plickers. Today I'd like to share with you a sneak peek of what it is, how to get started and some of my personal insights of how I am using this amazing application. Plickers is a web based application that allows you to collect... Continue Reading →

Got time to explore?

If you're like me and have been under the pump for report cards for what feels like months, you've probably just finished and are wondering where all this free time suddenly came from and because it's been so busy you might not quite be ready to slow down yet (the term isn't quite over yet!).... Continue Reading →

Journey to Germany

If you loved Lifeswap, you're going to love this... Journey to Germany is the younger sibling of Lifeswap and has been commissioned by the Australian Goethe Institut as a teaching and learning resource for school teachers and their students. The episodes follow the story of Liam, who is preparing for an exchange to Germany, and... Continue Reading →

Igel Art

It's a busy time of year - marking and reports are definitely starting to drive me crazy! Which of course means I'm procrastinating on Instagram. However, while doing that I found the perfect end of unit activity for my year four students who have been learning about animals and colours. A printable for a hedgehog.... Continue Reading →

App: PuppetPals 2

Sometimes you just don’t have time to have 25 (+) students get out in front of the class to do their speaking assessment, other times you might have the time but not the class who will respectfully sit and listen - so what can you do? My first solution to this challenge in my first... Continue Reading →

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