Felix und Franzi

One of the awesome primary school focussed projects Goethe-Institut Australien has been working on this year as part of ‘German? Deutsch? Absolutely!’ is promoting ‘Felix und Franzi’.

The Goethe-Institut London has developed this wonderful program for early years learners with videos starring Felix Frosch and Franzi Ente, two animals from the Berlin Zoo who have moved to London. While the video clips are short, there is much to unpack, including vocabulary, basic grammar and cultural differences. Included in the resources are lesson plans, whiteboard interactives, PowerPoint presentations and music. Two adorable puppets of the characters have been sent out to all primary schools teaching German to help with implementing the program.

I am a big fan of Felix and Franzi. My year three students LOVE them, as do my beginners in year four, even older students get a kick out of revising their learning with the videos. Prior to this year we had watched the videos but, despite searching high and low, I couldn’t find the matching puppets. I may have squealed in the middle of a staff meeting upon being told by a principal that a duck and a frog had arrived from the Goethe Institut. We have made an old German letterbox for them to live in (just like the videos) and love getting and sending postcards from our travelling friends from Berlin.

You can find all of the resources for Felix und Franzi here


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