STEM with Gummibears

MINT mit Gummibärchen

On the last day of term two I had the unique opportunity of having a mixed class of students for the whole day and no set plan, the perfect chance to do something a little different.

I took inspiration from a workshop at the South Australian German Teachers’ Conference on Haribo and STEM, setting up a number of activities revolving around Hans Riegel’s famous bears.

Maths activities included cost per bear in a packet, estimating and measuring length and weight, and graphing colour and number of bears per packet.

For science we conducted an experiment, making predictions about what would happen to the gummibears when left in different solutions for different periods of time.

As a final activity we used the experimental bears (as different to eating bears) that we had counted to build wave machines. It is incredibly difficult to film the machines but below is a little look into our culminating task.

I thoroughly enjoyed this day, being able to do a little bit of CLIL with STEM was a lot of fun. I would love to in the future set more time in the curriculum aside for these types of activities.

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