Website: Languages Online

Everyone loves a free resource right? Even better if it has multiple topics or applications!
The Victorian Government’s brilliant site Languages Online fits this description. Divided into different languages, the site has interactive online tasks and PDF worksheets (along with their translations and answers). In the German section there are 35 topics including some revision topics that combine more than one topic.

I have been using worksheets from this site for years. They can be close-type texts, matching, labelling or puzzles such as find-a-word or crosswords. I have also shown the occasional song but in the last few weeks of term I really took advantage of the interactives on the site. Once students had completed assessment tasks, one at a time they took turns of playing some of the interactive games on the laptop attached to the data projector. Also in classes working in the computer lab, students were able to access the site once finished with the task they had been working on.

The best thing about this site is that it is free and requires no log-in. I have encouraged students to check it out at home and many have reported back that they have actually gone on the site!

Check out this fabulous resource here

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