Why “frauing”?

Any German language speaker knows that the word “frauing” ist doch kein richtiges Wort! So why name a blog about teaching the German language a word that doesn’t even exist in that language, or any language for that matter? 

As a learner of languages I like to play with words and I’ve used the word “frauing” since beginning my German teaching career six years ago. I did it without thinking about what I had been doing until a recent professional development. I can’t remember what the  presenter was actually trying to say when she shared the below comic, but it really resonated with me. 


Turning the noun Frau (which can mean Mrs/Ms/wife or woman depending on the context – students address me as Frau Baughurst) into a verb, I use “frauing” as a word to describe what I do as a language teacher. I “frau” around the countryside, spreading joy and German to the students of my three schools. I verb things and I like that I’m not the only one.

Happy #verbing. Happy #frauing!

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