Peepers Puppets

Getting students to get up and speak in front of their peers can be a challenge, but if you can draw focus slightly away from themselves with a toy or a puppet they tend to relax and feel less uncomfortable. For this reason I love Peepers Puppets.

I picked my first pair up at a market many years ago and a colleague loved them so much I almost lost them! For certain age groups I find them more effective than other types of puppets or toys for getting students up and speaking, as they are something the students haven’t seen before they can be quite the novelty.

I use them as an incentive to get students to come and present role plays in front of the class. I have also previously had students make assessment videos using the puppets. I like getting students to make these videos as we can then also use them as a learning activity, watching as a class to listen for information about the characters or provide feedback.

Earlier this year I showed these off at a PD and, as there was interest from participants, the MLTAQ German Teachers’ Branch placed a bulk order with the manufacturer in the US.

The Branch still has some puppets available at $3.50 each (plus postage) if you are interested in grabbing some get in contact.

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