Dyslexie Font

As teachers we differentiate for our learners. Not all students learn the same way and some have difficulties with particular skills, we as teachers are expected to cater to these different needs. One simple differentiation I make is the use of Dyslexie font.

Dyslexie Font has been specifically designed to help learners with dyslexia. Dyslexic people often have trouble differentiating letters, some mirror letters in their brain (eg b & d or q & p) while others may flip or rotate letters (q & b, p & d, n & u) and often letters with similar shape are confused (n & h, i & j). The letters in Dyslexie Font have been shaped slightly differently to traditional typefaces to make them more different from each other, some letters stems are angled slightly or letters are thicker at the bottom.

Once I heard about this font I immediately downloaded it and reformatted all of my worksheets, PowerPoints and assessment items. I assume that students who have difficulty reading are likely to worry that they will struggle reading something in a second language, if doing this helps just one of my students it will have been worth it.

DyslexieFont is available as a free download for personal use from their website.

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