Primary School Oktoberfest Celebrations

So a few weeks ago I wrote about how I teach about Oktoberfest in primary school, before the month ends I thought it would be fitting to share how I use this learning to put together a language celebration day.

I have already held an Oktoberfest this year and we will be having a “Novemberfest” at another of my schools in a few weeks (to make sure we get assessment out of the way first). Some things I include rely on students having already learned a little about food and the history and traditions of Oktoberfest, we also use some of our regular learning time to learn the dance and make paper Trachtenhüte.

The event opens with the ceremonial tapping of the Spezi keg by our very own version of a Bürgermeister (school principal) and the yelling out of “O’zapft is!”. Students then perform their group dance number Tanz mit mir in Lederhosen wearing their special Trachtenhüte that they have made for the occasion. After this the group is split in two, half of the group leaves the hall to go outside for their Spezi and Brezel and to play mini games while the other half remain in the hall for other competitions. There is a halftime swap over and then at the end of the day students come back together to dance the Fliegerlied before heading home.

Our Spezi is just a mix of orange soda and cola and is served from barrel shaped drinks dispensers. The Brezel come from Brisbane’s authentic German bakery King of Cakes who make excellent mini Brezel. My amazing classroom teachers dish out the food and drinks then manage the organisation of the two mini games – pin the pretzel on Hans and Helga and Masskrugstemmen (I have a bunch of 500mL plastic Mass and we fill them with water).

Inside we have Gummibärchen relay races done in a similar style to at Oktoberfest for Teens and giant pretzel relays with my pool float pretzels.

This year is my second attempt at holding the event and it is a growing and developing celebration but the feedback from students and staff has been excellent. While I’d love to post pictures here of the event, I obviously can’t include photographs of students, so below are just a selection of details from the afternoon.

Do you have school language celebrations? How do you do it?

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