App: MindSnacks

I had scheduled this post a few weeks ago and am now so sad I hadn’t posted it sooner as it may now be too late, but I am still hitting the publish button in the hope it might still be of benefit to someone out there.

One of my all time favourite teaching apps is MindSnacks. The app is available in many languages and has a free version to trail before committing to the paid version (which is well worth the cost). Within the app are nine mini games, challenges and a variety of vocabulary topics, my students LOVE it.

On an individual account players play to unlock new games and topics as they learn, this is perfect for a 1:1 device school. As I don’t work in that context I have traditionally set up the devices on my already unlocked account so that students can share and work on my chosen topics.

The game has great animations, sound effects and music, each game targeting a slightly different skill area whether that be listening, reading or writing. If it could give feedback on students’ speaking it would be the perfect app but the ways in which students can access all of those other skills is awesome.

I was absolutely devastated to learn on the weekend that the app developers had decided not to update the app for iOS 11 and are focusing on their other projects. You might still be able to find it in the App Store if you are running an older operating system, I know I will be leaving it as long as possible before updating any of my devices that have MindSnacks.

Thanks for hours of student engagement MindSnacks. You will be missed.

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