Igel Art

It’s a busy time of year – marking and reports are definitely starting to drive me crazy! Which of course means I’m procrastinating on Instagram. However, while doing that I found the perfect end of unit activity for my year four students who have been learning about animals and colours. A printable for a hedgehog.

I introduced the word ‘der Igel’ and gave clues to see if students could work out what it was from clues (not a bird, not found in Australia, mammal, small) – they didn’t get figure it out but maybe next year we will learn more about native European animals and they will. Then we looked at a page from Lingo-Magazine featuring a hedgehog, using our prior knowledge to read information about what they do and do not like to eat.

Next we made our own! I printed a stack of these hedgehogs on different coloured paper and asked students one by one which colour they would like for their Igel’s body in German. After they had cut out their body they needed to come and ask, again in German, for the colour they would like for the head and nose. The students then needed to write a sentence about their Igel next to their creation.

I was really happy with how they turned out. Aren’t they adorable?! Do you craft with your students?

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