Journey to Germany

If you loved Lifeswap, you’re going to love this…

Journey to Germany is the younger sibling of Lifeswap and has been commissioned by the Australian Goethe Institut as a teaching and learning resource for school teachers and their students. The episodes follow the story of Liam, who is preparing for an exchange to Germany, and his older sister Pip, who has been there, done that and is an expert. Pip is teaching her somewhat clueless little brother what she feels he needs to know, so he doesn’t damage her reputation built when she was staying with the same family and attending the same school on her exchange.

The series looks at the German culture through the eyes of a teenage Australian experiencing life in another country first hand (Pip), relaying information in a relatable way for students who may encounter similar experiences on an exchange (Liam). I think this would be perfect for school groups about to head overseas on study tours but also could fit into other language lessons as part of a cultural activity. I think I might show the second episode as part of my unit on ‘Schule und Lernen’.

Unlike Lifeswap, which was targeted at an older audience, Journey to Germany has been designed for high school students and to accompany the short videos Goethe has published a list of teaching ideas and some resources on their website.

You can check out Liam’s learning journey here.

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