Got time to explore?

If you’re like me and have been under the pump for report cards for what feels like months, you’ve probably just finished and are wondering where all this free time suddenly came from and because it’s been so busy you might not quite be ready to slow down yet (the term isn’t quite over yet!). Now is a perfect time to reflect on this year and start preparing for 2018.

I am looking forward to changing up a lot of the things I do in my language teaching and, as I am finally getting a classroom at one of my schools, I am going through my resources and rediscovering what I’ve got.

I also have a list of online resources saved that I am looking forward to looking at in more detail, many of which find themselves on the Goethe Institut Australien website. If you haven’t visited the ‘Concepts and Materials’ page in a while I highly recommend another look. The page is split into German for children (primary), young learners (Highschool), CLIL and adults, there is a wealth of resources for different levels including videos, worksheets and other teaching resources.

There is actually a lot of resources I have previously mentioned on the blog on the Goethe site that I need to revisit myself. I am planning on implementing Deutsch mit Socke with my year fives and creating a more detailed version of my Felix und Franzi program for my year fours. I would also like to see where I could include some more STEM and CLIL activities such as coding with Blue-Bots or Bee-Bots (available for loan from Goethe here) and some science experiments.

I am keen to explore some of the resources I haven’t looked at before that Goethe has on offer (Karla and Kai could be interesting) and I’m sure I will write about anything I fall in love with here, but in case I miss something – go check it out!

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