Can you say engagement? Kahoot is a game-based learning platform where teachers can create quizzes specifically for their class’s learning. My students go crazy for Kahoot, I love tricking them into demonstrating their learning! The first step is to create a set of questions, which can contain images, diagrams and video to help illustrate the... Continue Reading →

App: MindSnacks

I had scheduled this post a few weeks ago and am now so sad I hadn’t posted it sooner as it may now be too late, but I am still hitting the publish button in the hope it might still be of benefit to someone out there. One of my all time favourite teaching apps... Continue Reading →


Last week one of my schools was very lucky to be visited by Tobias Stürmer and his Kasperletheatre. With thanks to the Goethe-Institut Australien Tobias was able to put on two shows of “Kasper, der Bandit und die Million” for students in grade four. The show was very interactive and the students engaged in singing,... Continue Reading →

Dyslexie Font

As teachers we differentiate for our learners. Not all students learn the same way and some have difficulties with particular skills, we as teachers are expected to cater to these different needs. One simple differentiation I make is the use of Dyslexie font. Dyslexie Font has been specifically designed to help learners with dyslexia. Dyslexic... Continue Reading →

Peepers Puppets

Getting students to get up and speak in front of their peers can be a challenge, but if you can draw focus slightly away from themselves with a toy or a puppet they tend to relax and feel less uncomfortable. For this reason I love Peepers Puppets. I picked my first pair up at a... Continue Reading →

Oktoberfest for Teens 2017

This year, after hearing about it and wanting to go for the past five years, I finally made it to Australia’s biggest school language event - Oktoberfest for Teens. And it was awesome. Despite the slightly damp day, students and their teachers flocked from all over the south-east corner of Queensland to come together for... Continue Reading →

Netflix and Chil(dren)

It is certainly not as suggestive as Netflix and chill... but have you ever considered using your home entertainment subscription in the classroom? Netflix, like many subscriptions, can be set to the language of your choice and many tv shows and movies have alternative dubbing or subtitling options, giving you instant access to a library... Continue Reading →

Brisbane Oktoberfest 2017 Anzapfen

Last night I was very lucky to be invited to the Anzapfen of Oktoberfest Brisbane. True to the traditions of Oktoberfest, no beer was served until the first Fass was ceremoniously tapped by the Bürgermeister of our city and the first Mass presented to our state representative. Lord Mayor of Brisbane - Graham Quirk did... Continue Reading →

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